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19th May 2013

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Another rant about being a black vegan in the South

I really don’t like the idea that there are ‘real black people’ and then there are N-gg*s and then again there are African Americans. 

Like who decided to set the status quo or threshold for being black and all these levels of blackness? It really pisses me off when people try to negate my blackness telling me that I’m white on the inside or I talk white or I want to be white or that I have some repressed hatred of black men because most of my serious boyfriends have been white. But for my family to suggest that I’m making myself whiter by eating like white people because I want to be healthier and not contribute to the suffering of others. 

And I’m really not feeling listening to people tell me about how I have to eat like my ancestors because my family knows where our great great great grandmother lived from the time she was freed until she died. Like I don’t want to live that life, I don’t want to die young trying to outlive sickness that’s given to me by my oppressive diet. So much soul food comes from antebellum times when our black ancestors were enslaved and they could only get remains so that’s what they ate to survive, but me, I’m eating fruits and veggies to survive and I’m a little pissed at the close-mindedness but even more so because it feels like they’re trying to cast me out of blackness.

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