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3rd March 2013

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Conscious buyer shoutout: black owned makeup

Okay Peoples, I’m blogging another list of black owned cosmetics ( but limited to makeup and nail polishes). But also, this time I’m trying to link the websites so you can buy online, because most of these products aren’t found around the country or in stores).

As Far As Nails go, the following are a few starters:

  • Polish and Company (mostly sold in boutiques, but can be bought online. The polish is made especially for natural nails, not acryllics but it’s lasts pretty long on both.
  • Cocorae (from what I can tell they aren’t vegan friendly or cruelty free, but they are great otherwise, they are fun colors with cute names and some of them are slightly more economical than other polishes).
  • Ginger+Lizvegan friendly, nearly 50 colors)
  • Studio 85  (not quite as big a collection but the colors are pretty and the polishes are fairly inexpensive). There’s only 1 store in Washington DC). 
  • Superstar Nail Lacquer 
  • M2M
  • Bernadette Thompson
  • Ka’oir  ( She not only does nail polishes, she also does lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows and usually sponsors promotions, and none of it is tested on animals but you have to check each product’s label for ingredients).

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